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Simple and Easy Steps to bring the pharmacy to your doorsteps!
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Saydl's Features

Delivery within 1 hour

We’re fast on our feet and care about the well-being of our customers. All supplies from your order will be delivered within 1 hour.

Pay on delivery

You pay when the items are delivered to your home.

Stock availability check

No more jumping from one to another pharmacy to get what you need. Saydl allows you to check the stock in different stores before you make the order.

Save your time

Stop losing a few hours from your busy schedule in traffic just to get some medical supplies.

User-friendly interface

Everything you need is just a few screens taps away.

Vast inventory of pharmaceutical supplies

What you would buy in your favorite pharmacy, you can get it using our app.

Scheduled delivery

You choose the delivery time and we make sure you get on time.

Trusted pharmacies

Browse through a massive inventory of supplies from different pharmacies, and always get the best deal.

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Frequently asked questions

  • General
    • Is Saydl a pharmacy?

      No, it is a platform that connects customers with pharmacies and provides a delivery service to your address. Saydl is a fully featured app that’s going to revolutionize the way people buy pharmaceutical supplies. It has everything you need to get supplies on regular basis and in a very short time. Saydl will free you from having to travel from one store to another, pay more money for products and wait in long lines. All of that, is simply gone - with our simple to use, yet innovative and powerful app.

  • Products
    • How do I find products?

      There is more than one way to find products that you want:
      - Categories: The list of categories is located on sitting list button on the top left side of the page, clicking on any of them will see all products related to this category.
      - Search Function: Simply you can search for the product you want by using the search function at the top right corner of the page. Search by brand or product name and click search.

    • The product looks different than the one on the App?

      From time to time suppliers tend to change the product packaging and design which could be different than the one on the App. We try our best to make sure that the picture along with the information is compatible with the product.

  • Orders
    • How do I place my order?

      Ordering products on our app is very easy, just follow these steps:
      - Browse our products from the categories menu.
      - When you click on the category you want to browse, you will see all products related to the category with images, price and brand. To add a product to your cart all you have to do is click the products and click on the “Add to cart” button. After adding the product, you can increase or decrease the quantity by clicking on the “Plus” and “Minus” icons.
      - After adding all the products that you need, you can click on the cart menu at the top right of the page. You will see all the products in your cart, click on proceed to checkout.
      - On checkout, choose the shipping method, location, date and time of delivery, add your prescription if needed and the payment method. Make sure to review your products before you place your order.
      - The order will be passed to one of our trusted pharmacies.
      - An order confirmation will be sent back to to you from the pharmacy, which will include all the items that are available with prices.
      - Check the availability of items and accept the order, or reject and cancel the order.
      - Once you accept the order, and in case of delivery method, a delivery guy will be assigned to pick up the order and deliver it to your location.
      - If you choose to pick up the order by your self, then the order will be ready for you in the pharmacy.

    • How can I check the status of my order?

      You can check the status of your order by accessing “My Orders” in your settings. You will see current and previous orders and its status.

    • I just submitted my order and I would like to do some modifications on it, is it possible?

      You can cancel the order before we assign a driver to pick it up. After that the order can’t be canceled.

  • Delivery
    • How will I get my medicines/goods?

      Once you make an order through our app, we will send a request to the nearest pharmacy, and check whether they have the items in stock. Then, you will get notified about the availability status and price of your supplies. If you confirm, we will deliver the goods to your selected address.

    • Who delivers my medications/supplies?

      Every single order is handled by a group of trained delivery guys that are fast on their cars. Once you confirm the order, it is going to be passed onto a delivery person, who will go to the selected pharmacy, pick up the goods, and deliver them to your home address within 1 hour.

    • Which delivery services I can request?

      There are 3 types of delivery services you can use with Saydl:
      - 1 hour Day Delivery, allows users to make an order and have the goods delivered to your doorstep within 1 hour.
      - Scheduled delivery, allows users to get pharmaceutical supplies in a specified date and time. This is a real time saver if you’re dependent on some supplies, and you’re consuming them on a regular basis.
      - Pharmacy Pick Up, allows users to pickup the order from the selected pharmacy.

    • What if my medication requires special handling?

      Each delivery person is equipped with special care sets and tools that will keep your medicine safe. We assure you that your medication will be kept in controlled containers and handled very carefully during delivery.

    • What is your coverage area?

      We currently serve specific locations in Riyadh city, and working to cover all Riyadh and other cities within Saudi Arabia.

    • How do I update my address?

      After Completing your order and while you are in the checkout process you can either choose one of your saved locations or click on “Create a new location” to create a new one.

    • Can I change my delivery address or time after checkout?

      At the mean time this option is not available. If you would like to change your delivery address or time kindly call us enough time before your delivery.

  • Cancellation & Return
    • What is our cancellation policy?

      Customers can cancel their order at any point in time prior to order confirmation. However, the order can’t be cancelled, if the delivery guy is assigned and on the way to the pharmacy to pick up your supplies.

    • What is our return policy?

      We accept returns if the medicine/goods delivered to you does not match your order, or if the medicine/goods are past their expiry date. Please check your orders when they are delivered to you, and report a return request before you pay to the delivery person.

  • Insurance
    • Do you accept insurance?

      At this point, we do not accept insurances. But, our team is working very hard to utilize this feature, and it should be available in the near future.

  • Payment
    • How do I pay for my medications?

      You can pay in 2 ways: upon delivery, or with a credit card on the app. Whatever you choose, it is a pretty straightforward process that won’t take more than 1 minute.

    • How much does it cost?

      You will pay same product prices as it is billed by the pharmacy, plus a delivery cost.

    • Is it safe to use your online payment?

      Yes. Payments are processed through Payfort platform (the leading company in the region). Payfort is certified to the latest PCI DSS standards. Your data will be protected from any misuse or harm under their secure network.

    • Will my information be private and safe?

      Sure. We only use your information to process the services you have requested from our app, and inform you on products sales and offers. We do not give your information to any third party without your approval. For more information, kindly refer back to our Terms of Use.

  • Pharmacies & Availability
    • Which pharmacies are part of your network?

      We are constantly working to expand our network of pharmacies and delivery guys in Saudi Arabia. You can see which pharmacies are currently available when you login into our app. We assure you, that our network will increasingly grow as time passes by.

    • How can I check item availability and prices?

      Once you create an order in Saydl, we will check in with the nearest pharmacy to your home, and ask for availability status and price of the requested goods. Once the pharmacy responds, you will get a notification about the availability of your supplies and their prices. If satisfied, you can proceed forward and confirm or cancel the order. Everything is done within the app.

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